5 Tips to Grow Your Dental Practice Once Lockdown is Over

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Meet Your Patients Online With A Digital Smile

Lockdown is slowly but surely being lifted and the world will soon be starting its new normal. Life after the pandemic might look different, but people’s basic needs around dental health and aesthetic will surely still be top of mind.

Due to social distancing and the #stayathome behavior, most people moved their attention online.


Have you prepared professional online touch-points to meet your patients and attract new ones to your dental practice?

Here are five expert pieces of advice that you can start implementing when you re-open the doors of your practice.

1. Have a Comeback Game Plan Ready To Go

The last two months the world has stood still. And, likely, so did much of your dental business. But as the quarantine starts being lifted in many parts of the world, your dental practice will soon be in high demand.

Assess your services, supplies, team needs and office reconditioning. Create a plan that will help your practice slowly get in great shape, ready to receive more patients than ever.

Effective communication between dentist and patient is that crucial aspect that leads to great results. That’s why it’s important to constantly communicate about your services and technical skillsets.

Let your patients know you’re there for them when lockdown is over, and how exactly you can help them. They will have likely already Googled their symptoms.

Now you need to make sure your expertise is visible for them. Here are just a few things to consider: branding, services, online presence, communication, supplies, and more.

2. Let Your Patients Know How You Can Help

Ever since you opened your dental practice, your main goal has been to offer your clients the best services on the market. You’re dedicated to make them smile with confidence and take care of their oral health to the best of your abilities. 

In today’s difficult times, an online presence is an ideal first touch-point to let them know you and your dental practice team are ready to take great care of them.

But more on that later…

Assess their needs, inquire on their oral health status and maybe offer some discounts for their first session after all this time. A phone call or email will do wonders.

Tell them exactly how your office takes the highest hygiene and health standards following strictly WHO guidelines to make sure patients and employees are safe and sound at all times.

Just remember to reconnect with them now more than ever.

3. Revamp or Launch Your Social Media Accounts

Speaking of (re)connection, one of the easiest ways to do that is by leveraging your social media accounts. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram can be your best tool kit to starting or continue the conversation with your current and future clients.

Always remember, patients are actively looking for help and answers online more than ever.

Take a look at what accounts you already have online, add and tweak them so they reflect the mission and style of your dental practice, making it easy for clients to find out more about you, gain their trust and welcome them as clients once your doors open again.

It’s called “social media” for good reason. Go online and start a conversation with your clients.

4. Add Your Dental Practice to Google My Business

A special form of social platform is Google My Business (GMB). Think of it as having your business listed in the old listings or ads of the past. Only this time your practice will be scanned and favoured by Google, the world’s number one search engine. 

GMB will add a huge layer of professionalism to your online presence and your patients will effortlessly have access to your office details like name, address, phone number, business hours, and other information like your website. 

Another super important feature of GMB is that patients can leave their review, helping your dental practice stand-out via social proof whenever people search online for dental services in your area. 

Grow and maintain your online reputation via this easy online tool. It works wonders!

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5. Update Your Dental Practices’ Web Presence

As most of the world’s attention and purchasing behavior has shifted online, having a digital presence is the new normal. A professional website is an extension of your offline dental practice, and the place where you can showcase your brand, team and the services that make you stand out from the competition. Being digital is more important than ever. 

Take a close and honest look at the online part of your business.

Really ask yourself.

Do you have a professional website that is easy to navigate and has the answers your patients are looking for?

What changes can you make in order to stand out from the competition and attract new customers?

Do you actually have a professional brand and logo showcasing your superior services and offering?

Given all these needs, we decided to help you!

Get Your Professional Dental Website

Our team has spent the last three years perfecting our design and marketing platform. We’re on a mission to you create effective a brand and web presence like the corporate giants we used to work for.

Most importantly, we make sure you get so much more than a professional website!

From branded design, with colors, fonts, imagery, and all technical features (like a booking platform, before and after image sliders, separate dental practise pages, blog, and newsletter) to match your needs, to high-converting social media templates pre-designed with your logo, colors, and fonts to match your website’s style using our powerful and easy to use Social Media Tool.

Not to mention you’ll have access to a dedicated Brand Space that holds all of your brand assets in one digital place, a fully-tailored image library and branded merchandise delivered right to your doorstep!

During these last months we’ve focused all our attention to shaping web solutions ready to help you transition your business online with ease. Your business and brand will be taken care of by our expert design team.

We’re dedicated to help you have a stellar online presence and thriving dental business. 

So get in touch with one of our web experts today!

Tell us about your company and web project needs. We then dig even deeper into your business and website, recommending a style, feel, features, and structure matching your needs. 

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