A personal note from NewGlue’s CEO


Why I quit my lucrative job at a famous innovation agency to build a design and marketing platform for entrepreneurs.

Dear Fellow Entrepreneurs,

I hope you are staying safe and that your business is still able to thrive in these uncertain times. COVID-19 has shook us all, and amid this chaos, we’re determined to help you succeed – no matter what.

When demand is weak across the board because people are scared and are working from home, your brand can be your shining light at the end of the tunnel.


Imagine having the knowledge, time and resources to build a recognizable brand that customers and employees completely adore while spending less time and money on design and marketing than ever before.

Customers would skyrocket, and you’d be able to set new and ambitious goals during these uncertain times.

You’d feel secure that your business was consistently exceeding your expectations, and you wouldn’t have to spend weekends worrying about; paid ads, what to post on social media, if your business card looks professional, or how you’re going to keep the lights on in general.

You’d finally be able to ‘switch off’ a little and actually execute your new brand strategy across all marketing channels with great pride and little effort!

I know what you’re thinking…

“That’s impossible! I don’t have any design or marketing expertise and I sure as hell can’t afford a rockstar graphic designer, let alone a professional creative agency.”

Believe me when I say that I fully understand where you’re coming from because that’s what pretty much every entrepreneur I’ve ever spoken to has said.

Here’s a little about me and my professional experience.

For much of the past 15 years, I’ve worked at renowned innovation and advertising agencies in New York and Stockholm, winning branding and marketing pitches for companies like Ralph Lauren, Jaguar, and Philips.

During this time, I’ve had countless entrepreneurs like yourself approach me to help them with their branding and marketing campaigns, or even just a simple logo design. 

However, creative freelancers – like myself – are usually paid on an hourly basis, and even a simple logo from ideation to finished design can easily take 10 – 25 hours. Sadly, most entrepreneurs can’t afford my hourly rate of $140 US dollars – with a finished logo without brand guidelines and other branded material costing upward of $1,400 US dollars.

And this is exactly why my team and I have spent the last three years perfecting our automated design and marketing system. We’re on a mission to help you create killer content like the corporate giants I used to work for.

So, really ask yourself!

How sick and tired are you of spending your hard-earned dollars on cheap online solutions that simply don’t work and often actually end up hurting your business?

Are you fed up with the so-called ‘experts’ that offer you more excuses than results, all while costing a fortune?

Stop stressing and frustrating over how to get your business to stand out in today’s business jungle, and put our proven system to the test today.

You can simply try our service for free to see for yourself. We’re so confident that you’re going to love the results that we’re offering you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Don’t have a logo yet?

Our hand-selected professional designers have won hundreds of client pitches, have thousands of followers on Instagram and passionately craft high-quality logos & brand packages tailored for you.

Already have a unique logo you are proud of?

Awesome! Simply upload your logo to our tech-powered platform and with a few clicks, you’ll find that jaw-dropping designs and marketing results are already waiting for you!

I’ve been in the business of design and marketing long enough to know that no matter how amazing your logo is…

If you don’t have the knowledge and tools to expose your brand assets effectively and consistently, you’re leaving a huge chunk of money on the table.

Please rest assured that we’re completely dedicated to building a service you love and use daily.

We take great pride in sharing everything we know to help you build a recognizable business with ease.

Most of our customers have already seen massive improvements in conversions and sales without increasing their marketing budget.

That’s what sticky branding, design and marketing can do for you!

Now go out there, fight the odds, and build an amazing business!



CEO & Co-Founder, NewGlue

PS: All this may sound hard to believe, right?

Luckily, you don’t have to take my word for it.


We let our customers do the talking for us.


"We basically tried all logo services. NewGlue was by far the best, and we promote our business every day!"
Max Friberg
CEO, Inex One
"Amazingly simple to use! Creating branded content is a breeze, and we save multiple hours every week."
Sacha Muller
Co-Founder, House of Leia
"We're huge fans of NewGlue from day one! Super smooth process and incredible designs! Kudos."
Dag Wardaeus
CEO, Hypoteket

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