Five Reasons Business Cards Still Matter

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Want to know why business cards are still relevant in a digital world? Keep reading and find our five reasons why they still matter!

You’ve probably been in the business and sales world for a while and understand that, even in today’s difficult times, face-to-face networking is hugely important. 

After all, humans are social creatures with an inherent need to belong and build lasting relationships. 

Hence, businesses that can build relationships based on trust and reputation are businesses that stick around and thrive long term.

So… How does the business card fit into all this?

400 odd years later and the business card is still the easiest way to leave a lasting impression and way to get in touch after an event or a fortuitous meeting. So much of success is created by the little unexpected surprises and introductions.

The business card ensures you have an official but casual way for the person to reach out to you with no strings attached. Showing you understand the game of business etiquette acts as a further powerful branding tool. 

In our opinion, therefore, the business card is still hugely relevant for any small business. And here’s more on the why…

1. Have a Printed Version for Non-Digital Partners

Business cards exist to share contact information between networking partners. Creating a professional and lasting connection for a possible commercial relationship.

The old way of doing business relied on this practice, but it remains relevant even in today’s digital times. We agree that with LinkedIn, email, and even digital contact apps, the business card has gotten some worthy competition.

But a printed business card that looks professional still helps you stand out from the crowd at a noisy event when the phone isn’t handy or you are trying to land a big fish that isn’t as digital native like you. Hence, the business card is your sales closing friend and reliable fallback plan.

2. Extend a Formal Hand-Shake

You hand over a business card, with the idea of creating a business opportunity. That little piece of paper is a foot in the door and first step to a potentially fruitful business relationship. People trust other people, and most partnerships and sales don’t happen at a first meeting.

The business card is your opportunity to follow up without being pushy, as you have received the right to email or call the prospect. The digital age certainly created new ways of staying connected. But practices that have been going on for so long still have a great impact on the way we do business. Business cards are more effective than you think

3. Create a Professional First & Lasting Impression

A business card represents you and your company. That’s why it needs not only great design but a design that matches your overall brand. When people visit your website they shouldn’t be shocked by a completely different look or feel, but the business card design is an extension of the overall brand and window into your brand.

Make sure fonts colors and overall style matches your brand and align it with what your business stands for. Don’t use a glittery texture if you’re a law firm! Try more polished, neutral tones and feel, and thicker high quality printing paper.

All-in-all, your story needs to be coherent from end to end, ensuring you’re having branding that sticks in your prospects or clients minds. Brand consistency is key across all touch points of your business, and matters greatly in everything you do – especially your business card.

Nobody likes confusion. It’s uncomfortable. And you don’t want this feeling to stick to your client’s mind, do you? The business card is your opportunity to follow up without being pushy, as you have received the right to email or call the prospect. The digital age certainly created new ways of staying connected.

But practices that have been going on for so long still have a great impact on the way we do business. Business cards are more effective than you think

4. Generate Real-Life Business Leads

As mentioned earlier, business cards are your first foot in the door, and a great way for prospects to remember you and even the conversation you had with them at an event or other encounter.

The business card can be the hook to your clients memory and make your business or idea stand out. People are bombarded with pitches and conversation at events and in life in general.

By handing over a professional business card, you are handing over a cue to help them remember why you’re great. So, start using your business card as these little messengers for sales lead generation and advertising.

Offer them to anyone you can. Whenever you offer a business card, you get the attention of the person receiving it. They see your branding, company name and job title.

That little piece of paper is the “silent spokesperson” for your brand. Spark a conversation around what your business offers and stands for. You know how we use accessories to express who we are?

Think of business cards as small details that entice people to know more about your brand. You could even have a catchy tagline or call to action on your business card.

Standard business cards are simple white, with the basic contact details on them. You have a blank canvas on which to express your brand personality and message.

More on that in the next section.

5. Increase Your Brand Value & Sales

Finally, we get to talk about design! Of course, your brand positioning, strategy and communication matter. But what does your business look like? Here is where your visual identity kicks in and tells the story about who you are and what you stand for. The use of color, patterns and fonts is the way to give life to our business.

It’s all about the impression you make on the people you want to do business with. The business card is an extension of you and your company and an essential part of  your brand identity. Think of it this way: it has to capture your brand personality in an average size of 8 x 5 cm.

Design matters when the space is limited! And if less is generally more, how can you make a big impact with the little things? We know that as a business owner, you want to save money. 

There are many hats that you need to wear. Grow the business, handle resources, make partnerships and increase sales. Do you have time to learn branding as well? Take your mind off all the extra issues. 

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