Five reasons why your business needs a website!

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Want to know why small businesses need a website in the first place? Keep reading and find our five reasons to create yours!

Statistics show that 81% of shoppers do online research before deciding to buy. Without a website, your small business only has a 19% chance of being seen through the digital clutter.

If that alone wasn’t enough to convince you, here are five reasons why you definitely need to have a website in the first place. Does your business even exist without one?

1. Your Customer Journey Starts Online

Each customer starts the buying process by doing a little bit of research. In the digital age we live in, this is done via Google and social media. People are looking to find more information on how to solve their problems, and comparing between existing options. The final decision is made, they buy, when the business they chose matches their needs and expectations. That’s why you need to know your target audience.

To have people buying from you, all your branding needs to express what you do and how you do it. Prospective clients need to know the way in which you will help. The trust factor is crucial here. And you do that by helping them to know you. By presenting yourself. A website is your digital home, and the way in which you talk to your target market. It’s the vehicle you use to get their attention and have them buy.

2. A Website Increases Your Business Credibility

As we said before, people need to trust you. Then they buy. For that to happen, you need to answer their questions and calm their fears (yes, they fear not making the right decision, or being lied to). The best way to do this is by creating a relationship. And how do these start? By getting to know the other person, in this case business.

The prospective buyer needs to know how the offer you’re making is the best they can purchase. They need to know that your business is reliable and most importantly, if you know what you’re doing. By putting yourself and your valuable expertise out there for them to see, slowly but surely, you gain their trust. You encourage them to see you as a valuable resource that can eventually solve their problems.

3. Control How Your Business Is Perceived

There are studies that say you have just 50 milliseconds to make a good impression with your website. The more visual appealing a web page is, the more likely it is to get people’s attention. The more attention you have from them, the more you can convince them your business is the right solution to their problem. A badly designed website confuses and gives people excuses to bounce.

The basic website needs to be uncluttered, provide basic information about your business and what you offer, and last but not least, it has to communicate your brand. Most importantly, your website needs to have a way to convert users into leads, and then to buying clients. But more on that later in the article.

4. Digitally Showcase Your Products & Services

You know that moment when you pass by a shop window and it catches your eye? It makes you stop and look at what is displayed. Maybe you go in. And maybe you buy. The same goes for your business website! It has to catch people’s attention and show them your offer in an appealing way. Present your offer by highlighting the benefits, the experience, the better version of them after purchase.

For products it’s simple: you add the appealing pictures and descriptions, add a way they can buy. Services are a bit more descriptive, you need to explain the way the offer is helping and the way your system works. Maybe add a few lifestyle pictures showing the result you help them achieve. Most buying decisions are emotional. OK, we look at the facts, but we need the benefits. Show them! Explain with pictures and words what your brand is about. 

5. Your Business Is Open 24 / 7 / 365

Remember how we talked about that storefront in the previous point? Guess what? Your business is open non-stop. Your website is the best sales person you have.It’s the employee that never sleeps. It’s a 24 / 7 / 365 days a week open shopping experience. When done right, it makes the perfect business pitch over and over again. A constant platform that tells your brand story, and growing your business.

As business owners, we all know the importance of adjusting to consumer behaviors and needs. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, social distancing has become a new norm, and we have seen a huge rise in e-commerce and website creation as a whole. With the increased demand for online purchases, your business needs a solid digital transformation. 

You need to provide access to your products and services on a responsive website. And fast. All your digital assets need to be cohesive with your offline business.

With all the other things you need to juggle as a business owner, will you be able to do this effectively… and timely? Website design, social media graphics, branded content, and more! That’s a lot to handle!

And what if you struggle with design? With tech? Or with your budget? Usually, a fully-branded custom website usually costs up to $5,000 USD.

That’s why we decided to help!

How Can NewGlue & Haaartland Make You Stand-Out Online?

The first step is to sign up with your business email address, and create your account. Then you’ll be asked to either upload your own logo, or choose a custom one from our marketplace. Answer some brief questions about your business, and then you’re redirected to your own virtual agency. 

We promise a website with one click, and we’re not kidding! You can choose from many different templates, all custom-made to match your branding. Logo, colors, fonts to choose from, all the things. The one you chose will best match your business. After a few tweaks, your website will only need content, links to offers, contact details, and it will be ready to be published. 

Simple. Literally! All the complicated tech, the search for a great designer, not to mention the high costs… Solved. A professional looking website with minimal effort in a fraction of the time you would spend working on a traditional platform. Plus the design looks great!

Oh, we forgot to mention! The website is not the only thing you get. Your virtual agency also comes with branded social media content and business card templates, branded merchandise and all the needed brand assets all in one place. Great value for money! You’ll be surprised at the professional results you’ll get, with only a few clicks!


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