How a branded website turbocharges your business!

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Read to uncover how a branded website helps your small business outgrow your competition!

Did you know that 66% of website visitors want to consume beautifully designed content rather than plain one? Your website can create a seamless experience for the user, keeping them on the page rather than bouncing. Branded and consistent web design makes your business stand out. Here’s how…

1. Make a good first impression

In a previous article, we discuss how a website improves your business’ overall credibility. But don’t forget that it all starts with making a good first impression. Did you know that you have less than 10 seconds to capture your users attention and gain their trust?

According to Statisticbrain.com, eight seconds is the average person’s online attention span and only 28 percent of words are read on an average web page. So instead of wasting time and money creating text-only web sites, start by reducing boring text with attention-grabbing copy, videos, images, and bullet points. When your web design is flawless, it reflects on how your overall brand and business is perceived, and it will sticks in your customer’s minds. If you create a positive image, they associate that warm fuzzy feeling with your business.

First impressions are 94% design-related, so the way your website looks has a huge impact on how prospects perceive your brand and offer. The more positive the experience is, the more prone to buy they will be. After all, a good image is the one thing we associate with quality. 

People are looking for solutions to their problems. When your offer is seen as a professional one, they’ll think you’re the best choice to solve their need. Maybe they don’t buy right away, but that first impression stuck, and they’ll come back. That’s what sticky branding does for you!

2. Improve your online reach and reputation

Having a good reputation is the main thing that drives business growth and brand loyalty. When moving your business online, the same thing applies, and it’s even more important, as your website has to communicate (and manage) all the information that makes people know, trust and like your business. Great branding equals a great reputation, as those two go hand-in-hand.

At its core, a website is a digital and visual representation of who you are, what you stand for and how you solve your customer’s problems. Without an offer and a clear message, without sales, without trust, you don’t have a business. What you need is a structured plan and execution process. Your brand is a key part of that process. Just like you’ll need a plan for your online presence. Your website must “talk and visually represent” who you are, why are you the trusted expert, and how your solution is the best money that can buy. 

Without that branded and professional home-base to communicate what your business is about, you risk being outrun by all the noise and competition out there. A great website and digital strategy across all channels (including social media) will greatly improve your online reputation.

3. Stick to your consumer's minds

Poor web design is confusing at best, and ugly and repellent in the worst-cases. You don’t want to go down that road. When people don’t understand or trust you, your offer becomes invisible. For example, a cluttered website, without any clear path to follow will only force them to make sense of all the scattered information. They’ll be too stressed to even look for more details. Most likely, they’ll leave. And lose you sales. 

Your website needs to offer a value fast, address their fears, and offer the best solution to their problems. A great web design captures people’s attention, and guides them through your messaging and towards the shopping cart. 

But also remember that most users don’t buy or convert on the first visit. It 6 to 8 touch-points before customer usually buys online, so make sure to build a sticky brand that sticks to people’s minds. This may all seem a bit overwhelming because you’re currently struggling with 10 other hair on fire problems, and don’t have time or money to think about your brand or online presence.

So we decided to help…

How NewGlue delivers branded websites with a click?

The first step is to answer a few quick questions about your business, and sign up with your business email address to create your account and save your status. All of this takes 1 minute and is totally free, of course. Then, you’ll be asked to either upload your logo, or buy a unique designer logo from our marketplace. 

Now you’re ready to receive our branded websites with one click, and we’re not kidding! We’ve partnered with the Swedish web builder, Haaartland, where we automagically insert all your brand files (like logo, colors, fonts, etc) into their web templates and super user-friendly block builder. Choose from many different templates on NewGlue, all custom-made by designer and ready to match your brand. Once you click on a template, you’ll reach our partner’s web builder. We have even added helper text to show you what to write where and why. Because we know how scary a blank page can be. Add your content, links to offers, contact details, and you’re business is ready to go live to make great first and lasting impression!

All the complicated tech, the search for a great designer, not to mention the high costs… Solved with one click. A professional looking website with minimal effort in a fraction of the time you would spend working on a traditional platform. Plus, the web layout is mobile-responsive, has your brand automagically inserted and is totally FREE. Use the discount code: “amazing” on Haaartland to get your free website.

Oh, we forgot to mention! The website is not the only thing you get. Your virtual agency also comes with branded social media content and business card templates, branded merchandise and all the needed brand assets all in one place. Did someone say, insane value for money! Yeah, maybe we’re slightly bias here. But we’re sure you’ll be surprised at the professional results you’ll get with only a few clicks!


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