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When it comes to famous logo designers, there is no shortage of big names like Rob Janoff, creator of the Apple logo, or Carolyn Davidson who designed Nike’s renowned swoosh icon.

Today, however, I am incredibly happy and proud to introduce a young graphic design wunderkind from Brasil, Eduardo Lessa Venancio – aka Artsigma.

At just 28 years of age, Eduardo has already built an international portfolio of clients amazed by his detailed and dedicated approach to logo design.

Check out the video below to see how Eduardo created a beautiful fish logo for one of our recent clients, Encrypted Environment Loader.


As you might expect, Eduardo’s fantastic design skills have made him a top-seller on NewGlue. Check out Eduardo’s store here.


And we can also see why Eduardo has no problem garnering clients globally via his beautifully curated website and social media channels.

Thanks to his worldwide success, Eduardo’s been consistently ticking off some big-ticket items on his bucket list, like buying a car and getting married.

Are you ready to find out more about Eduardo?

So, are we!

Read our exclusive interview with Eduardo below to dig deeper into Eduardo’s

  • Personal life
  • Creative Process
  • Beliefs about Branding
  • Working with NewGlue

Name: Eduardo Lessa Venancio

Location: Brazil

Specialty: Logo & Identity Design

Favorite Brand: Apple

NewGlue Store: Artsigma


Instagram: art.sigma


Give us a short bio of yourself

My name is Eduardo, I’m 28 years old and was born and raised in Brasil, where I also live today. I have a degree in graphic design and been actively working as a graphic designer for more than eleven years, but my passion for creativity and design has been with me for much longer.


Why did you want to become a designer?

I’ve always enjoyed drawing, though, I’ve never seen it as a profession until I started using programs that showed me that way. You can check out my workflow on my YouTube channel.


How have you grown as a designer over the years?

Being a competitive person has always motivated me to improve my skill set as a designer continually. I believe it is this mindset that helps me and my designs stand out from the crowd. Just like in any other profession, it takes years of hard work and dedication to compete with the best.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope to have a child with my beloved wife and living in a great home.


What is your creative process when making a logo?

I capture the most essential information in the client brief and create several options according to the report the client shares with me.


What are your thoughts when you create, for example, a 3D logo?

In addition to college design, I did some mechanical engineering drawing courses; this gave me a notion about 3D drawings. Crafting 3D logos can be very tricky and take some time to learn.


What type of clients should consider a 3D logo?

In some cases, the customer makes this request, but those companies tend to work in the technology sector.


What’s your favorite brand and why?

Probably Apple. I find it incredible how Rob Janoff came up with an apple to represent a technology company. It makes a lot of space in retrospect, as the logo shies away from the standards of other brands in the consumer tech industry, which is one reason why the Apple logo is so iconic and memorable.

What does great branding mean to you?

For me, a great brand portrays meaning and vision and manages to stay relevant for years to come.


Do you think professional branding is more important today than ten years ago?

I think the internet and social media bombards you with thousands of brands every day. So, without a doubt, branding is more important today than ten years ago. Today, companies need to work extra hard on their branding and memorability as people’s opinions are often made up in split seconds, often subconsciously. Since a logo is one of the first touch points with a customer, it is essential to make it look professional and in accordance with the overall business.


How does NewGlue fit into your creative process?

Honestly, I’m so happy that NewGlue reached out to me. NewGlue helps me sell the logos that I produced during my client briefings, but that didn’t get sold. It is very common that during the feedback process the client chooses to go down a different route stylistically, and hence their final product looks entirely different to what we started with. These common situations mean I probably attach around 1,000 unsold logo concepts to NewGlue, which could be a perfect fit for smaller companies that usually can’t afford to go through the typical client and designer feedback process.


Why did you choose to work with NewGlue compared to other design platforms?

I needed a website that allows me to quickly drag and drop my logos and allows me to make edits whenever necessary. Attaching hundreds of logos in one go helps me a lot, and saves me many hours of work. Changing the prices of the logos allows me to create promotions and attract more customers, which is incredible!


What should clients think of before buying a ready-made logo?

I think they should think if the logo will stand the test of time and if it fits into their company profile. I think that’s the biggest secret of a successful brand.


Would you recommend NewGlue to other designers? If so, why?

Yes, other designers can create passive income through NewGlue. You guys certainly did that for me!



Lucas Langen

by Lucas Langen

Co-Founder & CMO at NewGlue. Favorite branding: Patagonia

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