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Get to know one of our most prominent designers and logo wizard, Josiah Jost, from Canada.

Hello Design-Fanatics!
You’re probably wondering who the people behind all the amazing logos on the NewGlue platform are.

Here’s your chance to get to know one of our most popular designers.
Meet Josiah Jost, NewGlue Star Designer from Canada, aka Siah Design Inc.

When interviewing Josiah, his passion for design and continuous self-improvement was fascinating to us, and we’re sure today won’t be the last time you read about him.

Josiah’s design abilities and creativity are undeniable and we suggest you check out his store to see for yourself.

If you’re interested in seeing Josiah in action, check out the video below – highly recommended!

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During the interview, we cover a lot of things but focus on Josiah’s:

1. Personal and professional life

Tell us about yourself

I’m 31 years old, and I freelance as a full-time branding and logo designer. I live in the Canadian prairies with a beautiful wife (who also is a designer), our 2-year-old boy and a 7-month old girl.

When not designing, I love to dabble in craft coffee at home (roasting beans, refining extraction methods, etc), explore the outdoors, and spend time with my family. I’m a blessed man.

Why did you want to become a designer?

As a teenager, some friends asked me to design their CD cover. I bought the Adobe CS2 suite and learned Adobe Illustrator and InDesign well enough to make something half decent for them. After that, I signed up to a freelancing website, got a job designing logos for a website that sold domain names at $3-$4 a logo. From there I explored logo contests and ended up winning 18 logo contests within a fairly short period of time. And that’s when my love for design and design process became clear to me. I went full time as a freelancer in 2008 and have been hooked ever since.

Today, I’m more passionate about branding than ever.

And that’s when my love for design and design process became clear to me. I went full time as a freelancer in 2008 and have been hooked ever since.

If you wouldn’t have become a designer, what profession would you have chosen?

Like many young kids in Canada, I fantasized about playing professional hockey, but I wasn’t anywhere near good enough! So I went from pucks to pixels. 🙂

How have you grown as a designer over the years?

Growth is definitely an ongoing and continuous process. After 11 years of designing, I still feel I have a lot to learn. More recently, I’ve been seeking to expand into developing entire visual brand systems, in addition to providing just a logo.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Continuing to hone my craft, my process, and my work ethic. I’ve considered moving from a freelancing position to set up an agency, but I’m trying to evaluate if that’s worth it. 


On a personal note, I would love to be doing real estate investing on the side.

2. The creative process

What is your creative process when making a logo?

In a nutshell, it goes like this:
  • Gather information from the client, which is primarily done through an online questionnaire form.
  • Write the core information and objectives in my Leuchtturm Dotted sketchbook.
  • With the objectives in front of me, I thumbnail sketch dozens of ideas.
  • Execute on the best 4-6 concepts digitally in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Present to the client.
  • Review and Refine.
  • Provide a style guide and/or further brand collateral as needed.
  • Deliver the full logo package.

Has your process changed over time?

I’m taking more time now pursuing excellence in the details before showing the client than I used to. My goal is to craft excellence for the client, not just settle for “client approved” good-enough.

Who are your biggest creative inspirations?

My fellow logo designer friends Raja Sandu (rajasandhu.com) Mike Erickson (Logomotive.net) Sean Farrell (Brandclay.com) have been very inspiring to me over the years, especially when I got started in 2007.

What’s your favorite brand and why?

Trade Coffee!

They have such a modern, beautiful, functional experience for their users. Visually, they have beautiful artwork in all the details. They ship their fresh coffee beans in boxes with lovely line-art, and their logo is a timeless wordmark They really nailed it.

3. Beliefs about Branding

What does great branding mean to you?

When the entire brand has a story and experience that is cohesive, beautiful, and authentic.

Do you think branding is more important today than 10 years ago?

Absolutely. We live in a very loud world with millions of brands trying to get our attention. And to stand-out, more than ever, we have to have our best game forward.

4. Working With NewGlue

What should clients think of before buying a ready-made logo?

Have a clear goal and objective for your brand before choosing a logo. Evaluate your target market, your brand voice, and your core values. Then when you have those established, the decision for which logo to choose will be clear.

How does NewGlue fit into your creative process?

I usually provide 4-6 different, unique, quality logo concepts to my clients. So that often leaves the majority on the table, which makes NewGlue perfect for me as I can upload the unused to my store.

Why did you choose to work with NewGlue compared to other design platforms?

I had a lot of “logo selling” websites reach out to me in the past that I turned down. 


But when I found NewGlue, I chose to go ahead due to their very fast, streamlined process of uploading my work and having it available to sell. I was also sold on NewGlue’s excellent presentation of the logos as well as the process they take the buyer’s through to find the right logo.

Would you recommend NewGlue to other designers? If so, why?

100% yes. Great experience with NewGlue.

Is there anything else you want to share with our readers?

I’ve been pondering the importance of being able to “figure things out”. Honestly, it separates the successful from the mediocre. When we hit a wall and quit or procrastinate, we’re not going to get very far. We need to push ourselves constantly to find the breakthrough.

Where can people learn more about you?

NewGlue Store: Siah Design Inc
Website: www.siahdesign.com
Instagram: siahdesign

by Lucas Langen

CMO & Co-Founder at NewGlue.

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