Meet the Star Behind Design Studio “Casign” – Caitlin Jansma!

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Her attention to detail and love for shapes is undeniable and lives and breathes through every design.

When we first stumbled on Casign Studio’s profile on Instagram, we were immediately impressed by Caitlin’s work.

I’d find myself working on logos for imaginary companies

It was a no brainer for us to send Caitlin an invitation to join NewGlue as one of our STAR designers.

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During the interview, we cover a lot of things but focus on Josiah’s:

1. Personal and professional life

Short intro

Caitlin Jansma aka Casign is a Design Studio located in the amazingly named “Pudding Factory” in the Netherlands. At the young age of 23, she’s already added hundreds of happy clients to her jaw-dropping portfolio.

But let’s take a closer look at Caitlin and her work below, as she kindly provided us with some insightful footage of her work, giving us a glimpse into her creative process.

Specialty: Logo & Brand Identity Design

Tell us about yourself

Hi everyone! I’m Caitlin, a 23 year old full-time logo and brand identity designer. I live in The Netherlands together with my girlfriend and our two little kitties Alvin and Suki. Logo designing is probably my favourite hobby, but I also love working out in the gym, playing games on my computer with either my girlfriend or a couple of friends, shopping around the city for clothing, exploring new countries and relaxing at home.

Why did you want to become a designer?

I knew I wanted to become a designer at a very young age. I don’t really remember how or when but it had always attracted me since I was around fourteen years old. I studied MultiMedia Design where I learned about different Adobe programs and how to use them. I remember going home after school and even after I finished my homework, I’d find myself working on logos for imaginary companies, watching videos about branding and competing in logo contests.

I’m typically a very insecure/shy person so I knew back then already that I wanted to become my own boss, since that would mean I’d have to start trusting myself and my work a little bit more and gain some confidence. Luckily it all worked out!

If you wouldn’t have become a designer, what profession would you have chosen?

If this path wouldn’t have worked out for me, I wanted to become a therapist. I’ve always been very fascinated by the way people react, talk, think and act and would’ve loved to help people overcome their obstacles or give them a safe place to talk about their problems.

How have you grown as a designer over the years?

I personally think I’ve grown a lot. I’ve gained more knowledge, got to know clients from all around the world and met some amazing designer friends throughout social media. I’ve not only grown as a designer but as a person too and I hope I’ll continue to grow in the best way possible, with the help of my business.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

For starters, I’d love to be married to my beautiful girlfriend and add a little doggy to our life, haha. I also really want to share an office place somewhere with other designers similar to me (who also have their own company). I think it’d be really cool to have people around me everyday with the same mindset and work so we could help each other out if needed!

2. The creative process

What is your creative process when making a logo?

After I’ve gathered some simple information from my client, such as font or colour preference, I start playing around / sketching in Adobe Illustrator with some simple concepts. The client then usually picks out a few they like and after some refinements, they pick out a logo! I always make sure to provide my client with all the logo files they’ll be needing for both web and print.

Has your process changed over time?

I now sketch on Illustrator, which I used to do on paper. I feel like I’ve been feeling more at home on my laptop so I stopped using paper all together. The way I provide the drafts is different as well. They’re way more clean and detailed than they used to be.

Who are your biggest creative inspirations?

I don’t really have one person / company that I look up to the most. I follow lots of different designers and they all inspire me in some way. I really want to be able to design anything, in any style possible, so that’s why I’m inspired by all of the designers out there. Lately I’ve been really into the work the other featured designers here on NewGlue are providing.

3. Beliefs about Branding

What does great branding mean to you?

A great brand makes sure the overall impression and experience they give to their audience is positive.

Do you think branding is more important today than 10 years ago?

No doubt about it. Especially with social media, nowadays it’s very important to be recognized among all the other companies out there.

4. Working With NewGlue

What should clients think of before buying a ready-made logo?

Evaluate your target audience and market. Also make sure you’re ready for a commitment! ;)

How does NewGlue fit into your creative process?

It fits pretty well. There are lots of concepts that aren’t chosen which I can then use here at NewGlue. This way none of my time gets lost and I can still proudly show off some of my work.

Why did you choose to work with NewGlue compared to other design platforms?

I’ve tried using other platforms but quickly deleted my designs because I did not feel like they were connecting with any of their designers. Those other platforms are also really outdated, whereas NewGlue has a really modern website, a great aesthetic and amazing people who are really dedicated to their website.

Would you recommend NewGlue to other designers? If so, why?

Absolutely. NewGlue is the best platform for selling logos.

Is there anything else you want to share with our readers?

I feel like people don’t hear this enough but if you’re not doing something you love, don’t do it.

Where can people learn more about you?

NewGlue Store: casign
Website: www.casign.nl
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/casign/

by Niklas

Product Manager & Number Crunching @Newglue, Favorite Branding: Coca-Cola

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