Why bad business card design costs you!

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We’ve found some shocking statistics to show how bad business cards hurt your business. Let’s get into it...

Most people think getting a business card designed and printed is simple. Then, you do a little digging and a world of questions unfold.  In this article, we tackle three main reasons why bad business design loses you money, and how we can help with the situation!

1. Bad Design Lands in the Trash

Professional business card design captures your prospects attention immediately, and ensures your business card doesn’t find its way into the next trash can. 

Harsh you think?

Sadly, this is the reality, as statistics show that 88% of business cards handed out get thrown away in less than a week.

So how do you make sure your business cards consistently belong to the 12% that don’t get thrown away?

What makes a business card great?

A useful exercise is to think of the business cards that you kept yourself. Why did you do that? We bet that along with the prospect and business being interesting, the design was professional, the paper quality impeccable, and it included all the information you needed to follow-up.

You might ask yourself… Which type of business card is best for my business?

Of course, it’s not all about the card, but rather the brand and company it represents. The business card acts like a window to your brand. Ensuring you use the correct font, size, weight and overall look is important. 

Is your company super playful and targeting a young and hip crowd? Then your overall brand is probably colorful with fonts that pop, and your business card should showcase just this.

If you’re a conservative law firm, you better go in the opposite direction and keep subtle fonts and colors in your brand, and the same thing on your business card.

The important thing is that whatever you do your design matches your brand assets and stays consistent!

2. You Lose Out on Major Sales

In the world of business, professional design can be the difference between trust and avoidance. 

And you remember where bad business card design goes, right? 

Yeah, the trash can.

What if we told you that after a good business card exchange, sales will follow! 

Again, statistics show that your total sales increase by 2.5% for every 2000 cards that get passed out. That’s huge when you think about it! Especially when only 12% of business cards are kept. 

Read on to find out how NewGlue ensures your business card don’t land in the trash and improve your sales.

3. Because to Do It Yourself Is a Hassle

Should you design your own business cards? Only if you’re a graphic designer! No, kidding! But there are many things you need to take into account when choosing your design.

Let’s say you decide for a DIY tool online. You might have a logo already in place, some other stationery, but want to change the look of your business cards.

How do you match the online templates with your brand? Even if you don’t have a logo, how do you get the business card design to all your stationery and brand assets?

OK, you might even speak to one of the designers from this online tool. But you know what happens, right? Three things. First: the collaboration may prove very expensive. Second: Is your design unique, does it “speak” your brand into existence? Third: Where and how do you print business cards? How expensive is it?

We know how much you tweak that bootstrapped budget, so we understand. Professional, unique design is expensive. As graphic designers ourselves, we know how complicated and costly such a process can be. For both sides. But we have something to tell you.

We Created a Virtual Creative Agency That's Easy to Use, Affordable and Saves You Time

It’s a platform where you can access professional branding and design. All with a few clicks and a simple questionnaire. You can then customize your business cards, while your brand stays consistent. Affordable design for your small business budget. 

We outsourced the best designs for you, and you can try them on in your own brand management hub. Have a logo? Great! Add it to the platform and see what you can apply it to. Business cards, social media graphics, merchandise, to name a few. 

Business cards, although small in size, are part of a bigger branding system. Design tells the visual story of your company. Great design helps your story capture people’s attention. We’re in the mission to help you create great branding for your business. 

Branding that sticks!

Don’t have a logo yet? No worries! You get to add your company name and try various designs until you find the one that resonates with your brand. Have a hard time deciding? We guide you through the entire process. 

Come on! A few clicks and who knows? Your business cards will also have people in admiration of what your company stands for! Click here for your custom design!

Always on brand!

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